Running Shoes for marathon and halfmarathon

Last year I did over 1250 miles of running and this year I will be running even more. When we run the long distances as half marathon and marathon, it is important that we have some great running shoes. I always have at least two pair of shoes that I

switch between. I must admit, I am kind of a geek when it comes to running shoes. When I get into a sports store, the first thing I usually do is go directly to the shelf with all the running shoes. I love running shoes.

I do wear out some running shoes during the year so I have to go for the bargains and be cost conscious. You can find the bargains everywhere. In sporting goods stores, on a running fair and in particular on the Internet. The advantage of buying running shoes in sporting goods stores is that they can do a running analysis for you.

Running style and running analysis.

With a running analysis, you can find out which running style you have. Whether you are a pronation, supination or neutral runner. The running analysis is done by filming you while you run on a treadmill. The recording will reveal which way your ankle turns when you land. The running analysis is a good way to figure out what type of shoes you need, but it is when you get on the road with the running shoes that you find out how good the running shoes really are. Price and quality usually go together.

Naturally, I have had a running analysis done – more than one, actually. It is important that the staff in the shop is qualified to perform a running analysis. If in doubt, get a second opinion in another store. The conclusion of my analysis is that I have a mild pronation. I have a little pronation on one leg and almost nothing on the other. I should have a shoe for mild to moderate pronation, such as Asics GT 3000 or Nike Zoom Structure +17, but on the treadmill, I found out that Asics Nimbus was the best shoe for my needs, even though it is a neutral shoe.

Barefoot running shoes

I do not have much experience with barefoot running. Except for a couple of years of karate training. Karate athletes always run barefoot. Totally barefoot. It was not a sport where there were a large number of running injuries, but we did not run the number of miles it takes to run a marathon or half marathon. I was much younger then too and my bones, joints and muscles were somewhat more flexible. If you do not have any problems with barefoot running, barefoot running could be something for you. Personally, I need a lot of shock absorption in my running shoes, to compensate for my old bones.

Shock absorption

As I said when you run the marathon and half marathon, you run a whole lot of miles, so another important feature of the running shoe is shock absorption. If you mainly run on trails in soft terrain is not that important, but for me running many miles on hard surfaces, shock absorption is important. For me it is more important than the running analysis. I must have gel in both the heel and forefoot. This obviously do not make the shoe any cheaper. It is only the top models that suites my requirements.

Comfortably fit

In addition to shock absorption, it is also important that the running shoe is comfortable. The shoe should sit comfortably and tight around the foot or to put it another way, the foot should feel at home in the shoe. It is individual how the shoe fits best. I have once tried a pair of shoes, which had a lowered heel for better footing settlement, but my arch did not agree with that shoe. Something like this, you can feel when you try out the shoe at the store. The size can vary from brand to brand. Even if you use size 44.5 in Nike, it may well be that you need a size 45 in Asics. It is important that there is room for the toes.


We cannot deny the factor of the good design. It is not that design should be essential to your choice of running shoes, but it does matter that it looks good. I do not know about you, but I feel good when I know that I look good in a pair of running shoes – Do you. There is nothing like a pair of new cool running shoes. I love running shoes.

On the road

When you buy your running shoes it is a good idea to try them out on the treadmill in the store, but it is on the road you will find out how good your running shoes really are. This is where you run all the miles in your running shoes and figures out if the shock absorption, the comfort, etc. is good enough. If the shoe is resistant to the wind and weather. If the shoe is still comfortable when you run far and get tired. Whether you are experiencing problems with your legs, injuries and so on. If the shoe fits your expectations. It may take several pairs before you find your favorite running shoes, but when you do, it could be worth the effort. My own favorite shoes are Asics Nimbus. It is a pair of lightweight running shoes with a comfortably fit. It has a fantastic shock absorption. The other shoes I use Asics Kayano. Unlike ASICS Nimbus, it is a pronation shoes. I have no problem with changing between the two. Asics Kayano has a slightly better fit for my feet, but Asics Nimbus has the best shock absorption.

It can be expensive to be a running shoes geek and run many miles. This is where it helps to be price conscious and be good at spotting the bargains. Once you know your style of running. Have found the brand, the size and the model that is perfect for you. You can buy your footwear on the Internet. There could be good savings by doing that. The choice of running shoes is individual. Find the shoe that fits you. The shoes that you are comfortable in and the shoes that makes you happy. You will be running many miles together.

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I will get a little bit back from Amazon, no extra cost for you. Have a great run.

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